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PHOTRIO is now live: feedback, bug reports & feature requests in this thread.

  1. Hi All,

    We're back, but still a LOT of work to do. Please take this into account while using PHOTRIO for the next week or so. Take a deep breath with us as we move on to the tweaking and honing phase. There is no need to panic, get upset or 'rage quit' over any bugs or features that can be repaired or reworked. Things will vastly improve and we're working around the clock. The current forum category structure is a rough draft and will be updated a lot over the coming weeks. I'll be asking for the community to help direct the tree structure and add any new forums you want.

    For a guide on new features and how to use PHOTRIO please CLICK HERE.

    I will document known issues and current "Tweak List" below. Thank you all for your patience and support during this time. Some of the unsung heros of this migration:

    My APUG Team
    A community willing to put their trust in me and this new direction. Amazing.
    My truly talented coder and friend Clement
    My family
    My PHOTRIO testers
    All those who have donated to help with development costs, which have been ongoing for months and quite high. Your donations are immensely appreciated. To those excited about the potential of PHOTRIO and glad to be here, a subscription or donation towards development costs would be extremely helpful. Paypal address: sean@photrio.com and additional options here: Support Us! Thank you!

    Please read through known issues before submitting a bug report:


    FIXED-Mail is not routing -investigating
    FIXED-Redirect issues with old apug links to photrio
    FIXED-opengraph social sharing image of photrio logo not working
    FIXED-Some SSL bugs may show up throughout the site such as broken image links (looks ok)
    -Need to redirect DPUG in progress..
    -Forum category tree is in major need of re-adjustment, I will use community feedback to develop it
    This is being discussed in detail here: Dead Link Removed
    -dpug images and some data did not transfer, it will be available soon for those who need it.
    -Gallery categories may also need some work in re-organising
    -The likelihood that people will mispost content in the wrong areas could be high, so I am installing a system
    that removes reported content into a moderation cue if it's reported a certain amount of times
    -There may be traces of "APUG" wording throughout the site
    -May be some forum and user permission issues, but so far looks ok


    Keep enhancing forum category layout
    DONE-Update subscribers who subscribed during migration
    DONE-Google webmaster account updates
    DONE-Adjust gallery upload limit permissions
    -Do a site performance test and tweaks
    -Fix not active/active (upgrade user ess)

    Socials finish of
    -fbook page
    DONE-Rebuild sitemap
  2. Good morning, Photrio! Welcome to the world! Today is your birth day, are you excited?! :D
  3. Thanks :smile:
  4. Sean, it looks amazing! I think you should be immensely proud of what you've achieved here as well as of what you've created over the past fifteen years. That level of dedication and persistence is particularly rare to find in the ethereal world of the Internet. To have drawn in and held together such a diverse and HUGE group of people shows an astounding level of creativity, care and patience!

    Thank you for this community and for creating such an incredible space for it to exist within. I'm sure everyone will be understanding of the fact that brand new babies do not start running in their first week of existence and will extend their kindness and patience in return for the many years you've extended those qualities to us.

    What an astonishingly grand thing you've wrought.... now go down a case of scotch and have yourself a good long sleep! :D
  5. I know it's been a big day for Sean today - been assisting with the some of testing (along with Molli) and he's been at it non-stop!! Molli has said it all in her post, not a lot I can add, except that it has come together entirely as I expected when he first floated the idea of the merger.

    For the APUG-only members - you'll not see any difference if you untick the relevant boxes at the very top. For everyone else - I think you'll find it an incredibly easy site to navigate between analog, digital & hybrid work.

    Molli, I'll be in on the case of scotch celebration for the Photrio Launch - feel free to join me. Oh and Happy Birthday!!
  6. The seamlessness of transitioning between Analogue Only and including/excluding other processes actually surprised me. I'm so impressed with how Sean's idea has come together (not to mention the incredible amount of work he's put in to make the implementation seem so effortless!) I honestly didn't expect how elegant the solution would be to merge the three processes and, as far as I can see, cater to everyone's sensibilities at the same time.

    You are absolutely right, Nanette, we can't have Sean doing all of the heavy lifting....we really should give him some help with that case of scotch, shouldn't we? :whistling:
  7. Think this superb drop will suit us all!:wink:

  8. WOOHOO!
  9. Thanks so much for the nice posts Molli and Oz, a big help with the testing! :smile:
  10. Ok, we're up but I have some redirecting issues from APUG. Always the way.. you test something, it works, you implement and 'why isn't it working?'. Hope to have that fixed soon.
  11. Wow !!!
    Great job Sean

    First impression: easy to use
    I know what nightmare a migration is !!!

  12. Hello Sean

    Some of the personal messages that were posted in the transition period aren't accessible. I assume they can be brought back and they're not lost, right?
  13. Enhancement request for the gallery:

    When viewing a certain photographers photos, it would be nice to be able to go through that person's photos by clicking the right or left arrow. Now it goes to the next or previous photo in the gallery. This was available before the previous upgrade and would be nice to have now.
  14. Woohoo, indeed!

    I was getting lonely! :D

  15. Thanks for all the work! Now I can, again, get my daily APUG fix.
  16. Very nice work Sean. Having written millions of lines of code, I know what you went through.

    Best wishes.

  17. I had to look that up - never seen it before. Sounds really great, and from such a small distillery it should have real attention to the process.
  18. I would try getting there and copying anything you need. I probably should have shut down PMs but overlooked that. here is a direct link but if it fails to work i can get you back in later: (there was a url link here which no longer exists)
  19. Well,. aside of some font change all looks as I'm used.
    What pleases me...

    Just enabled in addition "digital" (just for the test, of course...) and the indication af analog and digital threads is well done.

    But we lost our beloved "question mark". I guess that is a hint to us to finally get decisive and out of our comfort zone and install some avatar...
  20. Just to let you know, I was getting email notifications for new posts to created/contributed to threads during the testing phase, but none since the forum's been open for business.

    Also, I know you're still working hard on the redirects (Two MILLION posts to deal with... Oucccchhhhh!) but, as yet, clicking bookmarks I've made in my browser still takes me to APUG. I tried doing my own "find and replace" on one of them and, though I did wind up on PHOTRIO, I was taken to an entirely different thread.

    Did I mention I don't envy you and, also, just WOW! Still amazed and astounded with all the work that you've done!
  21. Everything looks great. A masterful job. I know there is a weight off your shoulders now, Sean. I think everyone who is not a subscriber should jump on-board. This was obviously a stressful, time-consuming and expensive transition. Sean deserves more than a pat on the back.
  22. Thanks guys, will look into these issues as they come in. Strange that the mail stopped routing, looking into it now..
  23. I've got a pretty minor bug. You used to be able to go from apug.org/forums or apug.org/forum to get straight to the forums. Both redirect but apug.org/forums doesn't smartly take you to photrio.com/forum like apug used to.
  24. ah right, will check that..
  25. Looking wonderful, congratulations Sean and many thanks to the support test team.

    Molli, will have to get you some hot chocolate to celebrate with, goes well with some scotch dribbled in; they tell me. :laugh:

  26. Regarding the mail, I'm not sure if you saw my message about that within the PM, but it switched to having the sender's name as 'Sean' late last night, as opposed to the expected "PHOTRIO" as sender I was receiving yesterday morning.

    By the way, my bookmarks now redirect perfectly (the handful I've tried thus far, anyway). .... I've just moved, mid-typing, from my phone to my computer and tried to replicate the glitch I got, and couldn't do it. When I tried on my phone, it was re-directing before I could jump in and stop it on the APUG Error message screen. I hope you can make sense of that. I think what I'm trying to say is that now it "just plain works"! :smile:

    Good morning, Mick. It's been forever! We need to have an Australian muster and, given that I've got the fire lit this morning and can't see myself budging for the foreseeable future, I vote we drag everyone down to my place for coffee/chocolate and a chat... it's too damn cold and windy for a photo expedition. Bring prints, though! :smile:

    Sean, I'll keep checking bookmarks and Google results and I'll let you know if I run into any other misdirects. You know, of course, that 'operator error' may well have played a part a little while ago, yes? :redface: Oh, also, with notifications, the red 'NEW' and 'ALERT' heads up icons work perfectly still, as does the subtle pop up notification off to the left side of the screen. Just thought you'd like to hear about what DOES work, too!
  27. I have now looked at several pics as attachments in posts and in the gallery and I am convinced that since the migration the clarity and resolution I see is on a higher level. I cannot believe my eyesight has improved in say 5 days and I have made no changes to my VDU.

    The pics were OK before but now look great. Thanks, Sean

  28. This mail routing issue is frustrating, hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks for the testing Molli. It's a blanket redirect so should basically auto convert anything apug.org to photrio.com
  29. email is back
  30. 17 Aug 2017


    You and Clement have done a spectacular job in merging APUG/DPUG/Hybridphoto, then migrating to Photrio. It still feels like APUG. Please take some time for yourself and rest, knowing that there is a community of photographers here to support you and the community you helped build. I hope that Photrio fulfills your expectations.

  31. Site looks great. However, can't sign in with FireFox. Internet Explorer works fine. Hope this is the right place to note this issue.
  32. Congrats on the migration and hope the transition will not give you guys too much of a headache. Well Done!
  33. Well done. It still looks and feels the same, my settings persisted, and it was done in a way where I don't feel I need the Quick Start Guide. Everything makes enough sense that it's very easy to figure out.

    One thing to be aware of... if you only enable one area (such as Analog), then "Mark All Read," it does mark all sections' posts as read - not just the one you have enabled. It's not something that affects how I would use the other sections, but some people might want to note this.

    I did find an odd thing, though it could be my browser settings. If I am logged in to photrio.com and click on the logo in the banner, or on the gold "notice," I am sent to www.photrio.com where I am not logged in. The www seems separate regarding authentication.
  34. Have you tried clearing your firefox cache/cookies? I can't seem to reproduce the issue on firefox. Thanks
  35. worked fine for me, and I didn't clear any cache or cookies
  36. I like how everything looks and works but I miss APUG. Isn't there a way to keep APUG as APUG and still be part of the trio without it being orphaned into oblivion?
  37. Looks like we're off on a new adventure. Congrats, Sean!
  38. Thanks again for the comments everyone.

    P.S. Site is doing better than I expected, server is not even breaking a sweat :smile:

    Server Load 0.597656 (24 CPUs)
  39. I think everything looks great. Congratulations and thanks for all your efforts!

    I had a couple solargraphs in the dpug gallery, doesn't look like they transferred over ( I can imagine merging the galleries would be tricky ).
    I don't care at all... only thought of it because now I can see John's nice hybrid photos in the gallery and was wondering how they got classified :smile: Kinda cool to think I can post those if I want, tagged hybrid of course.
  40. I'll keep DPUG open in a new space soon so some can get any data that didn't make it. Gallery pics didn't make it but most threads, posts and user accounts did.
  41. Thanks Sean!
  42. WOW .... Sean this is incredible... well done.. Was gone all day, and wondered what it would be like when returned to try it, and ease my withdraw. Two thumbs up!
  43. It's a darn fine drop - and was *extremely* difficult to get in Australia (Thailand doesn't have it at all:cry:) - thankfully a big company stocks it; usually don't use them for regular alcohol, but they have the buying power to enable them to stock more boutique and unusual items. aka: imported beer (craft, small European brews etc), fine whiskey). If you visit their site, it gives their distributors, so hopefully, there's one nearby or one who is happy to ship at a fair price. :D
  44. Sean,

    This looks great and so far I have experienced no issues, Congrats!

  45. Thanks will have a look..
  46. Looking good Sean.. Thank you.
  47. Loving the site, Sean! A couple of things I've noticed as I've been wandering around:

    1. I noticed in the Comments section, that the layout is different from the forums - is this intentional? Comments seem to sit rather tightly against the avatar.
    2. The Alerts are working great, but how do I clear them from the dropdown? I'm getting quite the collection of read alerts, and for some crazy reason, I thought they disappeared on APUG once I'd read them?
    Shall keep wandering and noting anything that I pick up, but so far, looks like you've ironed out lots of the bugs even before going live. :smile:
  48. No problems or criticisms at all from me. Everything appears to be an upgrade, and I am diggin' the new font! Everything seems all around much clearer and cleaner. I am really impressed. You've done a hell of a job!

    Thanks Sean.
  49. Whoo hoo we are all back again. Thanks Sean and everyone behind the scenes.
  50. It will not come back! :wink:

  51. Well done. Nice clean look. Just in time; I was just starting to get the apug (or Photrio) DTs (Delirium tremens).

    However, I'm not able to log in with Chrome (my usual browser), even after clearing cache and cookies. Anyone else having this issue? I am able to log in with Firefox.
  52. How can APUG be an orphan when it's been gently moved by its Daddy and enfolded in the loving arms of its brother and sister at PHOTRIO?
    It has a new roof over its head, a closer relationship with its siblings, lots of new friends with, likely, so many more to come; and all under the benevolent, undivided gaze of its Dad. :smile:
  53. Great job. On iPad safari here. Like the way a small H appears against hybrid posts to differentiate. Well done, Tony
  54. That's what I'm afraid of. APUG was both the identity and name of the site and now both are dead. I understand the need for one or the other to merge with its evil sisters that have jobs and pay the bills, but I don't understand why we needed to lose both. Now I'm just a member of a mega-imaging site that's 2/3 non-analog and doesn't even have analog in its name anymore. I wasn't expecting this.
  55. APUG doesnt exist. Its not just an orphan, its a dead discarded orphan.
  56. Sean, it looks fantastic. Everything I've looked at functions exactly as it was (yet better). I'll check from my ancient laptop when I have a chance, but this is just great. I'm sure some will grumble, but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet - it's still APUG, just expanded.
  57. Hi Wayne,

    This has been in progress and in discussion since Nov. 2016, I suggest catching up here. A lot of discussion about why it's been done and the way it's been done:

    Major Announcement: APUG future development plans

    And more recently when the final move was decided:

    APUG.ORG to PHOTRIO.COM Migration, Final Details.

    We're still here. A community is more than a name or brand. I hope you stick around. Uncheck "Hybrid" and "Digital" in the site header and you'll find yourself in familiar territory.

  58. :errm: It's still here. Just because the name changed didn't delete the knowledge and experience.
  59. I must admit, I'm just a little bit disappointed. I can't find anything to complain about. I really wanted to vent some negative energy but you've spoiled it for me by making the new place so friggin' perfect.
  60. I tried my best to cover all the bases :laugh: Still a lot of work to do but it's a good start I think.
  61. You've just become one of my new favourite-ist people! That's a great comment. :D

    If you would still like to vent, though, I've set up a room in my house entirely stripped of furnishings and I've purchased an array of glasses and crockery for one to hurl, with vim, vigour and venom, at the walls. Works a treat although my landlord now wants use of it because of the git who's trashing his rental property!
  62. I couldn't log in at first with Safari. Clicking on the link did nothing but I traced it to Ghostery blocking Google+. Disabled that for a second and it worked. Don't know if that will help you, but FYI. Kind of a pain, but I leave my browser logged in to APUG. I mean Phototrio! Shouldn't be a problem besides a slight inconvenience when I dump the cache.
  63. Hi Patrick, I'd like to get to the bottom of that. Do you use Google services to login or had you been using the google login option? I suppose your blocking app detected the Google login code and prevented any further action. I'll check with the xenforo guys, this might be a known issue with a workaround. Thanks
  64. Congrats Sean... looks great!! So far no problems with navigating around.

    Now to the rest of the Photrio community: Please... please see to it in your photographic heart to make a donation to help our fearless leader with the finances of the incredible transition. I would suggest any amount to give as long as you help.
  65. Sean, you [and your code-guy] rock! Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work which must've included late and long hours,
    you are a blessing to the community
  66. Sean I suspect it is just Ghostery blocking anything related to Google+ so it blocked the pop up login window. The problem I was encountering was when I clicked on the login on the top right of the page it just did nothing. This is on Safari if it matters. I have Ghostery, Adblock plus, and Wiper installed on the browser, but only Ghostery caused the issue. I disabled one at a time, first Wiper, then ABP, then finally disabled Google+ in Ghostery after which everything worked normally. The Facebook plugin didn't effect the login or the popup. Hope that makes sense. Not an issue really.
  67. Please could you enable tapatalk apis? Thank you
  68. Yep, I can confirm this - I had to disable Ghostery to login.

    Sean - outstanding job, I'm really impressed!
  69. @tim_walls @Patrick Robert James Thanks guys. I have not used ghostery, can you tell ghostery to ignore photrio.com? I'll see what others at xenforo say about this. Thanks
  70. Yep, consider yourself whitelisted :D.

    Ghostery isn't an ad-blocker as such, rather it blocks tracking cookies, 3rd party tracking Javascript & images, that sort of thing. For example, I just opened up the NY Times website, which has the following horrendous range of privacy invasion cookies/tags which Ghostery blocks:

    Facebook Connect
    Google AdWords Conversion
    Google Analytics
    Google Publisher Tags
    Krux Digital
    NY Times TagX
    Optimizely Geographical Targeting
    Pinterest Conversion Tracker
    ScoreCard Research Beacon
    SOASTA mPulse
    Twitter Advertising
    Yahoo Analytics
    Yahoo DOT tag
    Photrio does not, so I'm happy to whitelist it. (Some things - like Facebook, Google+ login widgets and so on serve a dual purpose - on the one hand they are used to track you, but on the other they enable useful functionality like single signon. It would be nice if disabling Google+ didn't break the popup completely, but I wouldn't consider it a high priority for you Sean - as I say, Photrio is in general well behaved so I don't think anyone should be too bothered about whitelisting it!)
  71. No issues here -safari 6.2.8 and firefox 48.0.2-. Great job, Sean !
  72. sean

    this is every bit as fantastic as you suggested it was going to be over a year ago !
    thanks for all the hard work and making it a reality !

  73. We have a dedicated/free IOS and Android App coming soon. It means we get to control our own data and not give a 3rd party full access to our database and users private details. I'm arranging my Apple dev account next week and hope to have everything setup later next week and waiting on approval.
  74. Thanks for your help and feedback during the testing phase! :smile: And thanks again to all those posting comments here.

    I'm off to sleep and will pick things up in the morning.

  75. The Page Up/Page Down buttons don't seem to work in any browser. Nor does clicking the blank are of the scroll bars. Hugely annoying.

    Great work overall. Thanks for you efforts.
  76. This is working in Safari 10.1.2 - don't know about any other browsers on Mac, as I don't use.
  77. boy this sucks that I can't complain about anything not working!

    but a small suggestion might make me feel better...

    the equipment n darkroom section fonts are a bit small making it rather tight for a fat finger on a tablet to click on the subjects. the old listings were clearer n easier to use.

    I also miss the recent reply thread in the right of each section which made scanning them a bit easier.

    otherwise?.... its a perfect storm! great job on the roll out.

    I just noticed the 3 left edit buttons don't show on a tablet in portrait mode. it shows in landscape though.
  78. Your doing good. But have you sent an APUG hat to the Smithsonian for perpetual archiving?
  79. Just logged in since the update – looks great, a lot 'cleaner' font wise than before.
    Two thoughts (not criticisms):
    Could the Analog color be a little bit brighter or more colorful than the grey? I suspect it is to represent silver but compared to the blue and the orange it doesn't stand out as much.
    When not logged in I could select/disable the three options (analog/hybrid/digital). Might this content selection or filtering be only available to those who have registered?

    Well done on this!

    P.S. up/down and scrolling working on mac firefox.
  80. I have Ghostery and should have considered that possibility. I just tried pausing Ghostery and was able to log-in. I logged out, resumed Ghostery, and tried again. This time I was able to log-in (with Ghostery enabled). I do not use Google services or Google+.

    As Tim noted, most websites have gotten absolutely ridiculous with the links and tracking. I'm convinced tracking cookies represent 75% of total web traffic measured in bytes. :smile:

    Photrio (nee APUG) is pleasantly free of all that tracking, advertising, etc. A benefit of a subscription based service.
  81. IE11 and the latest version of Chrome for me. I can't even use CTRL+Home/End to get to the top/bottom of the page. I thought these were browser controls, but this is the only website acting this way.

    Edit: Strange. It's intermittent.
  82. Just having a 'dig around' in the Your Account area.
    The three "ignore" options present themselves differently. The "People you ignore" keeps the Your Account sidebar when showing the results, the "Threads" and "Forums you ignore" lose the Your Account sidebar.
    Not a biggie by any means and maybe how they worked previously however the three similar functions present differently and two of them present different to the rest of the Your Account > Settings area.
  83. I tell you what, I've been trying to hack a twitter bot together using fragments of python i found lying around on the floor at stack overflow and my fading memory of awk. After about half an hour my brain starts to leak out of my ears like runny taramasalata and I give up for another week; so my admiration for anyone like Sean and Clement who can cut php and javascript for days on end, is on the high side, shall we say?

    thanks for your efforts. It looks very goood.
  84. Here's a subtle one that I didn't see in this thread (but I admit I didn't read through very well):

    Typing in (there was a url link here which no longer exists) redirects to https://photrio.com/forum/home, but it doesn't seem to be the same place as typing in https://www.photrio.com. That opens up https://www.photrio.com/forum/ Note the domain name difference.

    Directly typing in photrio.com or https://photrio.com redirects to https://www.photrio.com/forum/ .

    What tipped me off is that I had to log in separately for each website I was redirected to. I'm browsing in Firefox, if that makes a difference.

    Thank you!
  85. The new site loads quickly, the theme looks good. Congrats and thanks for the hard work.
  86. The difference between this site's new look launch and another one that ends in .net is like night and day. It's super smooth, love the toggle between analog, hybrid, etc.

    Your hard work shows Sean, a thank you in the form of a donation on the way!
  87. It has been adopted and goes under this new name with a robust family.

  88. No problem with Chrome for me but I am not computer literate enough to suggest where you issue lies, sorry

  89. If even 50% subscribed I wonder how low the basic subscription could go and still leave Photrio, including Sean, financially secure. I suspect the figure might just be low enough for almost everyone to subscribe.

  90. Come to think of it, APUG had exhibited the same behavior.

    Another thing I noticed was the log-in page acted a bit strange before/when allowing cookies. The pop-up (pop-over?, fly-over? whatever you call it) log-in came up, but it sent me to the actual log-in page because I block cookies. So far this is normal.

    After allowing the correct cookies it would not let me log in from this page - it kept looping.

    I clicked the log-in link and got the pop-over again, typed my name, hit tab, and it took the cursor to the password field of the log-in page, not of the log-in pop-over. I had to use the mouse to click in the correct password field.

    Not insurmountable, it was easy to figure out, but it is a bug.

    Okay, this may be my browser, because I've been known to leave things up for months at a time, so take it for what it is worth...
    I had Replied with Quote to my original reply (Post 33) for this current reply (Post 90), and when I submitted, I was still on Page 2 where my quoted post was, but it was this post instead. I suspect it was a matter of the elements not updating (meaning the page number area).
    After refreshing the page everything was normal.
  91. no problems with chrome, my prefered browser, for me, so far everything is going fine
  92. Worth the wait, congratulations Sean, Family to put up with him, Behind the Scene Coders , and members here who contributed financially and with ideas. Special thanks to the crew of Moderators who over the years have
    taken on a responsibility that I never felt comfortable in doing. Well Done All.

    I am announcing my intention to host the second conference for this Site , ( first one was in 2006) - with Sean's blessing of course my team here in Toronto will try to organize May 2019 a conference that would be of interest to all
    groups, from darkroom workshops, imaging workshops, gallery shows and Artist talks. May is Contact Photo Festival in Toronto and would be a perfect time to all meet again in person.
    The first conference was fun and since that time our infrastructure here is much more refined and we have great confidence in hosting.

  93. I am sorry but if you insist on forcing facebook connect, google+ platform and viglink trackers on me to be able to log in ... that's no good. :smile:
  94. APUG was a cute fuzzy caterpillar which cocooned itself for a few days and emerged PhoTrio, a beautiful butterfly. :smile:
  95. Where do you see this happening?
  96. In Safari and Firefox - it just spins the wheels when I want to log in.
  97. Gallery and Albums Hodge-Podge suggestions.

    Suppose I see a photo that interests me and I'd like to see what else the photographer did…
    Flipping thru 2190 pages in the Standard Gallery is an exercise in madness.
    There are also 69 pages of very fine Member Albums; trying to find a photographers collected works is next to impossible.

    Apparently there is no search function for finding all Albums or Gallery submissions by member name.

    An example of organizing and searching Member Albums is over at FADU…

    And for searching individual's submissions to the Standard Gallery…

    Sean, after you get things settled down and working nicely think about making Gallery and Album searches more comprehensive.

  98. Clean the pretzel crumbs and dried beer from your keyboard. :D
  99. I guess Sean can't do anything about that...
  100. Make sure that Java is enabled.