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Aug 29, 2002
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Hi All,

We have put together a concise list of what we consider the core rules for forum participation. Previously the rules have been buried in the terms of service and we want to bring more visibility to them in an effort to provide additional clarity on any moderation decisions. We'll be adding this to our site menu bar and ensuring new members are familiar with them when signing up. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to private message me or email me at Thanks!

By using the Photrio forum, you agree to adhere to the following forum rules:

1. Be civil, polite, and respectful. No personal attacks or intentional rudeness. Acceptable behavior: “I don’t agree with your post, this is what I think”, followed by your position on the issue. Or even just your position on the issue. Unacceptable behavior: “You’re an idiot, what a load of rubbish!” Cursing/swearing is tolerated, but not encouraged. Excessive swearing or swearing in topic titles could result in all of your posts being approved before they go live. Attacking or disparaging people is a fast path to a ban.

2. Respect each other's privacy and integrity. Do not publicly post any personal details of individuals who have not explicitly given their blessing for you to do so. Also, refrain from discussing members who were banned. Such discussion is unfair when the person in question can not post to defend themselves or reply."

3. Photrio is politics and religion free. If a thread strictly maintains the context of photography there is some leeway. This leeway is usually short-lived with members injecting personal views and jibes resulting in a locked thread. Be mindful of avoiding this.

4. All photography is valid. There is no need to argue that one particular breed of photography, approach, technique, etc. is better than something else (e.g. analog/digital discussions). Discussions along these lines tend to follow the pattern of religious and political debates and generally don't end well. We, therefore, don't encourage them and will generally put a stop to them.

5. Only one account is allowed per individual. Posting under multiple accounts, for instance, to evade existing forum restrictions (e.g. a ban), will result in the removal of duplicate accounts.

6. Post the same message in one place only. Please do not cross-post a message in the forums, i.e. posting the same thread in multiple forums for more help/attention.

7. Photrio offers some possibilities for promoting your (photography-related) products or services, but please contact us to discuss these before engaging in self-promotion. Spamming is not tolerated. Subscribers are welcome to promote their own products through their own Classified listings. Outside of those, if your signature and user account are often or predominantly involved with self-promoting your own products we may restrict your account.

8. Our staff may contact you or intervene if there are issues with your posts. Please work with them constructively to ensure this place remains welcoming for everyone. If you vehemently disagree with an intervention by one of our staff, please start a direct conversation with them instead of posting in an existing thread on the forum or creating a new one to voice your objections. Constructive suggestions are always appreciated in the Feedback and Discussion sub-forum. Please note that any hostility towards our staff will not be tolerated.

9. Forum moderation goes beyond applying the above rules in a literal fashion and is at the discretion of the staff. On a case-by-case basis, we decide if, and how to intervene in a thread. We may decide to let things slip that (mildly) violate the rules because we don't expect it to cause further issues. And we may decide to intervene if a situation calls for it, even if no rules are technically being violated.
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