What is it that makes a person photogenic?

Discussion in 'Ethics and Philosophy' started by cliveh, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Statistically surely but only within special circumstances, for example in a given market. The statistics point different ways on beauty in, for example; different countries, religions, cultures, age ranges, date ranges (today v 1776)...

    The statistics only work until the underlying subjective preferences change.
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    Skimming through this thread the impression seems to be:tongue:hotogenic = beautiful. Is this really the case? More basic, just what do we mean by “photogenic “? And by “beautiful “? As related to photography and photographer? Some of the ugliest people on earth have been made into beautiful photographic images. There is, thank God, not one single criteria for what makes another person beautiful because is that were the case there would be a lot of lonely people.
    Also, there is an opinion in aesthetics that very slight flaws rather than perfection add to something’s beauty.
    Perhaps the OP’s question is not a valid question or maybe a profound question that deserves an essay rather than a casual comment in a thread.