Postcard Exchange Round 35 Comments and Feedback

Discussion in 'Postcard Exchange' started by George Nova Scotia, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. mike c

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    Jan 5, 2009
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    Elvis chair

    I thank-you and Elvis thanks you.
  2. MattKing

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    Here to I have to start out with an apology. I always like to recognize the hard work and creativity of everyone who participates in these Postcard Exchanges by acknowledging each card received and providing my comments. I really fell down on this with respect to the previous round (#34) and I have been far from diligent with respect to this round (#35) as well.

    Based on what I can put my hands on, it seems I have received 12 of 15 cards. My comments follow. Where there isn’t a title on the card, I made up one that seemed appropriate. Hope you don’t mind :smile:.

    piu58 - Monument for Albrecht Daniel Thaer - Nicely composed, nicely printed, and a chuckle too
    mike c - Elvis Chair - Highly emotive, and a wonderfully warm print
    dpn - Neon Lady - A lovely print of an older sign - a subject that always interests me
    Xia_Ke - Porter Reserve - Very nice print
    mesantacruz - Mating Dragonflies - Mysterious and interesting
    ozphoto - Ayutthaya 2007 - A travel photo with a historic feel - like the info on the front
    TheToadMen - Tongue in Albumen - A lovely albumen print, and a subject that makes me smile
    drpsilver - Clouds, Stratford, TX - Gorgeous Cyanotype - clouds work well in blue
    megzdad81 - Breakfast - The natural becomes abstract - and I like the high contrast
    Randalcav - Twilight, Northeast Harbor, Maine - Nicely captures the feel of boats at rest
    mooseontheloose - Love Will Tear Us Apart - Dreamlike, and I like
    Wayne Frederick - Container Ship Selfoss - An industrial scene given a period feel by the choice of camera, lens and printing choice

    If you sent me a card, and it isn’t on this list, don’t blame yourself. I’ve probably misplaced it.

    Thanks, as always, to everyone who participates.
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