Portra 400 excessive Grain - What am I doing wrong?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras and Accessories' started by Thomas Keidan, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Dec 29, 2013
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    I've not read EVERY post on this thread, but overseas posters seem to be presuming that the weather here in the UK is similar to other countries, which it's NOT; and this counts even more so up in Scottieland!!! But ESPECIALLY during the darker months of the year, but also during odd days in the summer. We have a real mixed up weather system of late, which I'm sure is also shared around the rest of the world as well. :smile:

    OP: Did you finally get your prints and negs returned to you and if so, how do the prints in the hand look to you compared to the scans you received (of which, personally, I thought looked okay...?)

    Terry S
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    hi thomas

    nice photographs!

    i tend to rate every film 1/2 the iso stated on the box and i use the sunny 11 rule ...
    so your film looks fine to me / it doesn't look over exposed too badly ...
    you might enjoy this website
    to help you get the hang of sunny 11 ( 16 ) it is pretty handy and will give you an idea if
    your light meter is wonky or not. there is really no need to buy additional hand held spot meters
    unless you don't have a meter / in your camera, or yours is broken, spend your $$ on film and getting it processed
    instead, and if you become a good judge of light you wont' ever need a light meter ( i haven't really used a meter in probably close to 20 years ).
    good luck !
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