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    I picked up some Hasselblad focusing screens at a collector's once a year sale. Thought I might be getting a Hassy.. but .. things changed and now I need some replacement focusing screens and/or a Waist Level Finder for a Bronica ETRS.

    I don't have a digital camera that will take a good picture of these screens, so I will have to describe them.

    There are three screens. Two are the same type.

    First is in a silver Hasselblad box, labeled 42250 Checked Focusing screen with central grid. Inside that is a plastic Hasselblad box kind of like tupperware with a foam guard the screen is resting on, wrapped in photo-tissue. The screen appears scratch free. It is like a checkerboard with a central area with magnifying lens that appears noticeably brighter.

    Next two are in silver vinyl sleeve like envelopes. First one looks like a normal screen, with a black cross dividing into four sections with the center cut out. Second one is the same checkerboard focusing screen as above but the magnifying lens area has a few cleaning marks I think is what that is, I do not not want to rub them out because I do not know what I'm doing.

    I have a Bronica ETRS I traded for. Would like a few things. Would like a scratch free focusing screen. Preferrably gridded. I enjoy using gridded views as it makes it easy to line up objects for landscape work. What is on my camera now is the split focus screen but it has gnashes on it that are interfering with my view. Also, I got the camera with the speed winder grip but no hand winder. Would like a hand winder. I can't hold the camera easily with right hand. I am left handed with cameras. Also, a waist level finder would be fabulous. I have the metered prism finder, it's okay but if I go for a hike, it would be nice to skinny up even more and use a waist level.

    I prefer the Bronica items, but will also consider trading for film. I am so low on film, and tragically broke the whole last two months. Can only trade right now. If you have some 120 film.. would trade for the Hassy screens. I prefer Adox CHS Art, PanF, FP4, TMax 100. If you happen to have any Bergger BPF 200 remaining, I would love to shoot some of that super curly film because I got the best glowing grain ever from it and ran out of my stash a month or two back. I'm good on 4x5 film but if you have something I don't have that I might want, I might do that too.