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    Dr Tim Rudman has just posted this on the pure-silver mailing list and asked for it to be redistributed far and wide.



    Dear Pure Silverers,

    I would like to invite the lith printers and digital workers of the list to submit images and/or techniques for consideration for inclusion in a new compilation book on Lith printing entitled:

    'THE WORLD BOOK OF LITH PRINTING. The Best of Traditional and Digital Lith Printing Techniques'

    Full details for submissions can be found at

    The objectives of the book are:

    1) To provide a much-needed update on Lith Printing materials and techniques, illustrated by the author, specially invited guest contributors and work selected from open submission.
    2) To explore the application of some digital techniques, both in Lith Printing and/or its digital simulation
    3) To be a forum for collecting and sharing submitted techniques & ideas
    4) To act as a contact resource for those interested in Lith printing, or its digital equivalent, to establish communication with each other
    5) To be an international showcase of work, both to act as inspiration to readers and.
    6) To be a possible resource for commercial image users
    7) To compile a list of internet sites concerned with Lith printing
    8) To act as a companion book to 'The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course'.

    I would like the representation to be global, both geographically and in terms of genre and style.
    Already the content is widely inclusive from UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I hope you will consider submitting something. It can be either (or both) images or just a favourite technique or formula.

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    thanks for the link Tim
    This project looks good.