Workshop: Introduction to View Camera, 7/4-7/10

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    Introduction to View Camera
    July 4 - July 10
    with Jim Stone
    at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME

    Mastering the view camera, the Zone System and large format photography.

    This is an introductory class for photographers with a desire to use the view camera and large format photography in their personal and professional work.

    Participants learn how to control perspective and depth of field through swings and tilts, and other camera movements. In addition to the technical view camera work, this class is a complete B&W course encompassing all subjects relative to fine B&W work including image control, filters, creative process, film and paper for developing and printing.

    Participants learn to work with the Zone System for determining exposures and contrast control. During daily field exercises, students discover how to use the view camera to photograph a variety of subjects including fishing villages, farmlands, forests, lighthouses, granite forts, the seashore and New England architecture.

    This course also incorporates handling and processing process large sheet film, Pyro developers and printing parameters.

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