Workshop: Advanced Alternative Photographic Processes

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    Advanced Alternative Photographic Processes
    July 25-31, 2010
    with Christopher James
    at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME USA

    A second week of alt pro for artists who want to work on advanced processes and portfolio development

    Advanced Alternative Photographic Processes is a perfect match for image makers who have completed an introduction to alternative processes and want an additional week of working time, dedicated space, materials, and advanced techniques to refine their skills and to focus their energies on a specific project or process. The Advanced Alternative workshop is for individuals who have attended one of Christopher's alternate processes classes, for those whose portfolios indicate a comfortable working familiarity of the subject, or by instructor’s permission.

    Christopher's workshops always provide a dynamic, hands-on, group experience in an energetic and supportive environment. Participants receive continual assistance and immediate feedback on work in progress, along with an open exchange of working concepts, ideas, history, and techniques. Individual process demonstrations are given on request if there is a technique you've always wanted to learn, or if you need a refresher.

    This summer, wet plate collodion is added to an extensive array of other processes including: platinum / palladium, salted paper, POP, van dyke, kallitype, argyrotype, cyanotype, gum bichromate & gum combination techniques, albumen, and Ziatype. Students also have a complete digital negative production set-up in the lab facility for producing contact negatives. While most printing is done in the sun, UV exposure units are available for printing on the rare cloudy or rainy day. This workshop is a lot of fun… so bring your work and your sense of humor. The Workshops can put you in touch with Christopher for answers to specific questions or you can visit his web site for contact info:

    Christopher's internationally acclaimed book, The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes: 2nd Edition (Delmar Cengage, 2008) is used as the workshop text. A letter, with specific recommendations on what else to bring, will be sent to all participants prior to the workshop.

    Learn more or register:

    Maine Media Workshops ( is an international non-profit educational organization offering year-round workshops for photographers, filmmakers, and media artists.

    *image by Christopher James