When in Denmark what/where to photograph?

Discussion in 'Geographic Location' started by TheToadMen, Dec 27, 2013.

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    Sep 18, 2012
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    I've never been to Denmark. But we're thinking of going there for our holidays (summer 2014).
    Hence my question: what are the sights and places to be in Denmark to take some nice photographs?
    I'm thinking about landscapes, towns, seascape, but anything goes ...
    Surprise me please.
    It will help us to decide where to stay in Denmark for the holidays with the family (and where to look for a nice small hotel or something).
    Bert from Holland
  2. Brac

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    Oct 5, 2004
    It is many years since I visited but I don't doubt that Copenhagen is still an attractive place to see. The famous Tivoli Gardens are not to be missed, there are palaces and the Little Mermaid statue which everyone wants to photograph. The city of Odense I didn't find very interesting although it was the home of Hans Christian Andersen and you can still see his house. It also has a popular zoo but I didn't visit either of these. Denmark is fairly flat so much of the scenery is pleasant rather than spectacular, it is nowhere near as attractive as Norway from that point of view.

    On the peninsula of Jutland the old town of Ribe is well worth visiting. I didn't get as far north as Arhus and Aalborg, but they are said to have interesting historic town centres.

    One of the good things about Denmark now, compared to when I went, is that Jutland and all the main islands are now connected by road bridges and tunnels. There is even a bridge to Sweden, so if you are in or near Copenhagen, you can easily visit the Swedish city of Malmo.

    Hope you have a good time. I hope to revisit in the next couple of years.
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    Oct 29, 2006
    35mm RF
    When I think of Denmark , modernism and its architecture, art , commercial products came to my mind , most especially sculptures , public sculptures , sculpture gardens , textiles , glass objects , furnitures etc.

    If I were you , I would document an entire sculpture garden with stereo and 360 degree pictures to be able to create a 3d computer files of each. And than sell as jewellery at shapeways 3d printing gallery to be printed from desired material.

    Or make a website of these 3d models and sell them to the public.

    Or make a 3d viewable , rotatable gallery for share with art lovers.

    Another thing is to get lecture notes of design academies. That cost you 100000 dollars if you want to study there.

    If you do these above , you get a good education for yourself and others.

    Otherwise , if you want to be an ordinary visitor and tourist , I would keep my money and invest in design books. Other thing is the collection of entire surrealist movement which later inspired the modernism at scandinavia. I would invest a danish course , learn the language and later invest in obtaining the book copies and able to read them.
    Danish companies index - published with their trade unions - is extremelly interesting to see the graphic art.

    Of course , thats why I am intelligent , they would not give me any visa :smile: They give visa to stable nations not dynammic.
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    Jul 12, 2011
    caveat: It is many years since I was there, so what I write might be outdated.
    Most of the small towns have a little harbour and many boats. Lots of possible subjects there. When the weather is too cool or stormy for swimming (the sea can be quite cold there) you can still have a walk along the beach - in some places you may walk for many kilometres without meeting anyone, and find small fishing villages, with a few houses, fishing boats fallen dry during low tide, all behind lots of dune grass. Lighthouses, loneliness, wind... In my memory Denmark is predominantly a "maritime country". Of course there are places inland where you can almost forget how near the sea is.
    Ribe is indeed worth visiting if you like such things, afaik the oldest town in Denmark, beautifully restored buildings and an interesting cathedral.
    Have nice holidays and show us some photographs afterwards!