Wet plate collodion workshop with John Brewer 20/21 July

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    Wetplate collodion workshops are held over two days at Double Negative Darkroom 178a Glyn road London E5 0JE. Workshops are for a maximum of six people. The workshops cover:

    • Cameras and lenses (old and modern)
    • Other equipment needed
    • Chemistry, including health and safety
    • Substrates: both traditional and contemporary such as glass, metal and acrylic
    • Preparing, exposing, processing and finishing plates

    Students will have the chance to make positive images on glass (ambrotypes), metal (tintypes) and acrylic (acrylotypes?!) plates of different sizes using a variety of cameras.

    We have 3 places left on our July course - contact seb at Doublenegativedarkroom@gmail.com to book - courses cost £330 for the weekend all materials and cameras included

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