Went to the Meir Schneider book signing - Vision/Eyesight Improvement

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    Last weekend I got a chance to get away for just a brief hour from my hectic lifestyle with family and work...

    Local bookstore had an author visiting to talk about his book "Vision for Life — Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement"

    Turns out he gave more than just a talk, he took us on a bit of an adventure. We walked out into the sun and did exercises such as facing the sun, closing your eyes, turning your head and body side to side. We focused on distant skyline, 1/4 the way closer, 1/4 the way closer and then closer still... We did this with eyes open, and then eyes closed imagining the same spots - first with left eye then with right... There were peripheral vision exercises too.

    Back inside he had us do an exercise he calls "palming" that he's addicted to and sometimes spends 11 hours doing. Holding your palms over your eyes, elbows rested, never pressing hard on your cheeks. Imagine pure darkness. (I had this easy - I just imagined my darkroom). A shoulder massage and calm talking enhanced the experience.

    Each participant noticed their eyesight had improved, by being able to read smaller and smaller print (I also had this easy, being nearsighted).

    I can say that I came away refreshed and able to see more clearly, as I expected. I know some of these exercises as things I naturally do on my own (like I said, my darkroom gives me solace)... In all a very good hour spent. I was too shy to get the book and get it signed and talk, but would have enjoyed that.