Very good looking T90 (shutter stuck) for...

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    Oct 15, 2004
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    I have my T90 on a shelf. I already had the shutter fixed years ago, but it failed again a long time ago. I really enjoyed the camera but did not use it much due to the shutter issue.
    I no longer use SLRs, so any fantasy on getting it fixed again has to go.
    It would come with a Makinin 28mm lens, and probably some goodies like Cokin filters, remote for the camera..

    I'd be happy to trade it for something useful to me:
    - B&W film (HP5 preferred but I'm open to discussion) in 135 or 120
    - Compact RF (Yashica 35, Oly XA, Canonet, Retinette...)
    - maybe something else you have and don't use (I'm a Leica en Rolleiflex shooter, so acessories for these cameras would be nice also)

    The camera is in a "mint" state, for the cosmetic point of view.