Unclothed: The Human Form Juried exibition at Vermont Center for Photography

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    Fads and styles may come and go, but the nude, as a form of artistic expression, always remains fresh. One can see, in Western and Eastern art, how the artistic nude reflects a profound admiration for the body as the shape of humanity. Please join us in this month long exhibition as we explore a range of photographic work from over 45 artists hailing from more than 10 different states each with his/her own personal relationship with the human form.

    Exhibitors include: Alex Williams, Alexis Doshas, Allen Mendelson, Amanda Dandeneau, Beverly Conway, Bill Flemming, Bob Cantius, Bruce Hooke, Carlanne Raber, Cathy Cone, Chris Maliga, Daniel Peters, Doug Frank, Douglas Prince, Ellen Augarten, Frank Ward, Gabrielle Gergler, Gary Field, Gary Samson, Jean Germain, Jeffrey Lapid, Jim Schlessinger, Jodi Kelly, Joshua Farr, Kate Merrill, Katie Koti, Kiqe Bosch, Kris LaRosa, Kyle Funderburk, Margaret Kristensen, Mariana Bartolomeo, Maurine Sutter, Megan Busta, Melissa Zanelli, Michael Cerulli Billingsley, Michael Havey, Nia Walkowiak, Rick Strawbridge, Robert Aller, Scott Bulger, Selena Dominga, Susan Paquet, Suzanne Grossman, Thomas Adams, & Will Swanson.

    Opening reception will be Friday, March 1st from 5:30 to 8:30pm.
    The exhibition will be on display through Sunday, March 31st.

    see www.vcphoto.org for details.