UK Lecture - Celebrating 100th anniversary of the Autochrome process "

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    Sounds interesting...


    Date: 4 Nov 2007
    From: Angels Arribas <aarribas [at] photoconservation__co__uk>
    Subject: Lecture on autochrome process

    Institute of Conservation Photographic Materials Group
    Professional Development
    Let's Talk About Photography series 2007

    "Celebrating 100th anniversary of the Autochrome process and
    discovering the Rothschild Archive photographic collections"
    Lecture and tour

    The Rothschild Archive
    London, UK
    21 November 2007


    Victor Gray
    Co-curator of the exhibition "The Dawn of Colour" at National
    Media Museum in Bradford and

    Melanie Aspey
    Director of the Rothschild Archive

    Abstract: This visit to The Rothschild Archive will feature a talk
    on the Rothschild autochromes by Victor Gray, editor of "The Colours
    of Another Age", the book published by the Archive to accompany the
    autochrome centenary exhibition at the National Media Museum. There
    will also be an opportunity to view some of the Archive's other
    photographic collections, including the work of Julia Margaret
    Cameron, Nadar, Disderi and others as well as photographs taken by
    members of the Rothschild family

    Cost: UKP6, UKP4 Students

    For booking, contact

    Charlotte Cowin
    +44 20 7785 3805,
    membership [at] icon__org__uk

    You must register by 19 November.
    Maximum of 10 people.

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