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    Hello all,

    after contemplating sculpture with iron/metal for a few years, I've been given a great opportunity to get started : my hometown has started a community project to build a "merry go round" from scratch. The merry go round will be made of metal, under the supervision/guidance of an artist who's well experienced in this field and really willing to share his experience and knowledge.

    The "issue" I have is that this makes a great photographic project, as it is a unique opportunity to photograph artist(s) and artist(s)-to-be during the genesis of the project, and I don't want to let this opportunity go.

    The sculpture part is very demanding as I have to learn many things about metal and how to work on it (this ranges from forming to welding) and in the same time to produce ideas on the sculptures that will form this Merry go round.

    The photographic part is less demanding since this is a field I have more experience in, but keeping the camera at hand and managing to take shots of the interesting parts needs to keep focused on photography even when I'm working on something else.

    (Sorry if this is a bit confusing, I think I am confused myself ;-) )

    I'd be glad to hear about similar experiences, if any. Your feelings on similar projects could also help, of course.

    BTW, here's a link to the artist's site I'm afraid it's only in French, but it gives you a chance to see his work.

    If you click on "Un Manege..." in the "Actus" link, you'll see a few images of the project (including my proud son Thomas dressed to work in the workshop :smile: )

    I'll try to share some images and the progress when possible (we started last Spring and I already have some images on the preliminary phases)