Travelite 750s--the old kind.

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    Bought new about year 2000: three calumet travelite 750s. Working fine until recently when they seemed to be putting out less power than usually. Then they started misfiring. Ordered new flashtubes. Finally got them (backordered since September). At the store the box said that the tubes were for Bowens esprit II 250/500. The tubes were taken out and checked--they looked identical to the ones on the 750. The salesman said that the only difference between flash models was the capacitor size and that they used the same flash tubes and that these were the proper tubes.


    1. measure power output at 10' with existing flash tubes using flash meter
    2. power off for the 1/2 hour recommended--swap old tube for new tube
    3. power on and measure output with strobe/flash meter in same position.


    measured guide number using old tubes was approximately 160ft for ei 100
    measured guide number using new tubes was approximately 160ft for ei 100 (slightly more--like 1/6-1/3 stop better)

    the strobes no longer misfire.

    Strobe specs show guide number = 350 using the stock reflectors used for the above measurements.

    Since the guide numbers were never measured with a meter until recently--it is unknown whether or not the 350 spec number was ever accurate.

    So--what's your experience with travelite 750's and measured guide numbers--using the stock reflectors that come with them from the factory? Are these in need of new capacitors? The charging time to full seems to be withing spec. They are now all consistant, but seem to be 2 stops short. What's your putting out?