TMAX400 and HC110

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    Last year, I posted in this forum the results of a test I made in order to know how I should photography with TX400 and HC110. At that time I found that, for my working system, TX400 (EI200) and HC110 (E – 1:47), 6 minutes developing time, were perfect.

    Now, as I am trying to take photos with very little grain, I have made the same test for TMAX400 and HC110.

    These are the results that I have found:
    Film: TMAX400, 35 mm.
    EI 250
    Pre-washed: Water, during 1 minute of constant agitation.
    Developer: HC110 (E- 1:47)
    Developed two rolls of film, continuous agitation during the first 30 seconds, and then 5 times each 30 seconds.
    Time of developing: 8 minutes.
    Temperature: 20ªC.
    Stop bath: Kodak Max Stop, 1:15, and 1 minute with constant agitation.
    Fixer bath: Tetenal, 1:9, 8 minutes. The first minute with continue agitation, and then 5 times each 30 seconds. I have taken 8 minutes instead of 5 minutes because I have read that this film needs more time.
    After having taken pictures of a Kodak grey card, I have found the following relative densities:
    Zone 5: 0,63
    Zone 1: 0,10
    These densities have been measured with my RH Designs Analyzer Pro.
    My conclusions:
    For my working system I can say that TMAX400 (EI250) and HC110 (E -1:47), 8 minutes developing time, are correct.

    I hope this information could be useful for anybody in this forum. I would ask you to share any other similar information that you could have.
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    You should add this to the massive dev chart as well. I use these products at times and it gives me something to think about. Thank you for sharing your findings.
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    Without a densitometer, I have settled on dilution H at 12 minutes. If you extrapolate; E (8min) to H you get 10.66 minutes, so I may be a little long, although I do agitate much less. Thanks for your expert analysis.