Tired or exhausted? Nacco Super 76

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    Apr 7, 2005
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    I've been using Nacco Super 76 recently. I used half (16oz) to mix up a working solution of 1:2 and have developed 4 rolls. So far so good. I figured I'd do the same thing with the remaining 16oz when the time comes. That's the tricky part.

    The bottle gives its capacity as 10 rolls per working gallon but increase development time by 15% after each 4 rolls processed. The 32oz bottle makes 3/4 gallon working solution, so I guess it's good for 7-8 rolls in all. Right?

    With each 3/8 gallon, should I increase dev time by 15% after each 2 rolls? I didn't with the last two, but I did the 4th roll at 72 degrees and probably went over the adjusted time (the negs look great). Wait! I did the 3rd roll diluted 1:1. I'm so confused.

    Relatedly, has anyone used this stuff full strength? It's said to increase contrast, which I'd like to try. Thanks in advance!
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    Nacco Super 76, a D-76 clone no doubt. Increasing time
    is one way of putting more rolls through the same amount of
    developer. A second way, and I believe the way Kodak intended,
    is the use of replenisher. A third way is dilution which, IIRC,
    Kodak admitted to some 20 or 30 years ago when a
    1:1 dilution was suggested.

    I suggest you toss what you've left in that bottle and start
    anew. Split your next 32 ounces into four 8 ounce bottles; full
    and well capped. Make up any short of full by adding an equal
    amount of distilled water to each; top up.

    As you've a need for the stock, split an 8 ounce equally
    into two 4 ounce and top up. Your roll film will require 12 or 16
    ounces so at time of use dilute 4 ounces of the stock 1:2 or
    1:3. Likely you'll have no trouble pulling 8 rolls from that
    32 ounces of stock.

    For more contrast develop longer and/or agitate more. Keep
    your temperatures +/- 1F degree. Dan