thoughts on some japanese gampi paper I worked with last night.

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    I posted a photo in the critique gallery but thought I would share the text here so that some others could get my thoughts on it.

    printed my first shot attempt on Gampi paper last night.
    I used Van Dyke solution coated onto Japanese Toronoki Gampi paper ordered from Hiromi papers in Calif.

    The paper is a gorgeous working surface. It has very apparent fibre stucture that shows through in the final print. I think from previous paper experience that this could be minimized or rendered hidden by using a double coating method of two seperate coatings with less emulsion. The paper is also VERY fragile. I used a sheet of thin 8x10 glass I had lying around to use as transporting from the rinse to the fix bath and back to the rinse. It basically minimized my need to actually handle the paper. upon touching the corder too lightly I actually lightly tore the paper.

    The coating of teh paper is a bit tricky but if I can manage to do it then anyone can. I found that using a glass coating rod at first to disperse the emulsion and then to coat outwards with a brush had the greatest ease of use and worked pretty well.
    Its really a gorgeous printing paper and Im anxious to give it a try with some of my 8x10 negatives and in the future with the 7x17 negatives I hope to create.

    overall the paper is astounding. I love its natural look and its amazing structure. Its not by any means cheap, 20x30 sheets was over $13. But I think for certain applications and negative types it could be very fitting and render some gorgeous prints. I imagine the PT/PD folks out there could really make some gorgeous prints on it as well. Im still fond of the van dyke process and am starting to become more and more accustomed to it and keep enjoying its results.

    I got the inspiration to try this paper from an article in VC mag a few issues back the photographer printed in Platinum and just the meager magazine reproductions really made me want to give the product (or a similiar product a go). The article was really helpful in giving me info on coating/developing.