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    Oct 26, 2002
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    Was hoping to get out and shoot today, but a bunch of errands nixed that idea. While I was out I did stop by the half price bookstore with a Christmas gift certificate that had been received early and found this neat little book by Berenice Abbott and printed in 1948. I figured if I can't get out to shoot the 5x7 today I can at least read about it. It is a very interesting and little book: about 5.5"x7" and originally sold for $1.00 (I paid $8).

    Thought I would just share my little find and can hopefully shoot a still life or 2 inside after dinner.

    note: they also had a photographic "cylcopaedia" from 1894 that was REALLY neat, but was $100. I'm hoping to head back and pick up one of two copies they have of A Vision of Paris (the Atget book with words by ?Proust?), but only had $12 left on the gift certificate, an empty wallet, and a price tag of $75. They were both in very nice condition, but the quality of the reproductions were very suprising for a book printed in the early 60's much better than the other Atget book (Volume #1 of 4, but they didn't have the rest so I didn't investigate any further). I think I may head back after Christmas when I'll have a little extra cash in my pocket and pick one up. As I was running errands I didn't have much time to look at the Atget book so if anyone has anything good or bad to say about it please share.