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    Jul 20, 2004
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    In the good old days of plentiful Polaroid, we used several exercises to have students make 4x5 Polaroids which we would put up as impromptu shows. We miss those days, and have decided that we need to have a Fine Focus Alumni Gallery that suits a similar purpose.

    So, alums, please send Richard a jpeg or two of a picture you made at the workshop. Tell him where you made it, and he’ll organize a gallery on the Fine Focus Workshops web site by location, such as: Stickney Brook, Bruce’s House, Mike’s Farm, Simpson Brook, the Cemetary, and so forth.

    Have mercy on Richard when sizing your jpegs, remember, they’re going up on a web site, and Richard has dialup service in the jungles of Townshend.
    Thanks for the help. We hope to have fun with this.