T-bar and Tape Clip Rope

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    It occurred to me that photos a brief explanations may be useful to some who have not seen these things before. I will do some more photos of other items periodically if people find these useful.

    The tape Clip Rope is pretty self explanatory, it just keeps those things handy for clipping back a curtain, hanging diffusion or black material or whatever. The T-Bar is useful when I want a large light source and spillage is not an issue. With a T-bar and diffusion material, and enough tent poles of course, one can make a reflector or diffusion of any size equal to the fabric size. One can Hang Black material to occlude a window or deepen shadows or kill reflections. It's a really useful light weight tool. But the Black Duvetyne / Duvateen / Commando Cloth can get really heavy depending on the thickness. Inexpensive tent poles are pretty easy to come by because people have little use for them when the tent is damaged. Garage sales or even REI are good places to check.

    edit to add: Just because something can be made inexpensively does not necessarily mean it is of little value. The T-bar can be used outside to diffuse the sun or to reflect it and is less prone to blowing over like a large light diffusion frame will.

    Anyway, I hope someone finds this useful.
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