Sunpak Flash, Pentax LX Case, Soligor Lens, LTM-to-M Adapter

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    Jan 3, 2008
    Sunpak Softlite 1600A Automatic Exposure Control hot-shoe flash. This is a quality compact flash. New-in-the-box. $15 plus shipping

    Pentax Front Case T-2 for the Pentax LX film SLR. Note that this case is used in conjunction with the standard Pentax LX body case to allow the use of the case with telephoto lenses. This is a new item in mint condition, although there are a few marks on the box from years of storage. Hard-to-find LX accessory. $60 plus shipping

    New-old-stock Soligor 135 mm F3.5 telephoto made for Nikon F mount film SLR. This beautifully made Japanese old-school lens is in mint condition. The original box, packing material, and warranty card are included. The rear lens cap was lost sometime during its many years of storage and the box has wear and markings from the same. $38 plus shipping

    Rollei-made case to fit the Rollei SL 35 M and SL 35 ME 35mm film SLR's. This item is new-in-the-box. The box has some evidence of wear from years of storage. Manufactured in Germany to high standards. $20 plus shipping

    Leica Thread- Leica M adapter. Generic brand, but nice quality. New with box. Brings up 50/75 mm frame lines on Leica M bodies (usable on any M mount body with any LTM lens). $14 plus shipping

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