Split-Contrast printing workshop with Steve Sherman at Vermont Center for Photography

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    VCP will host a split-contrast printing workshop by Steve Sherman on July 22, 23

    Knowledge of Silver Printing should be a prerequisite, as the workshop will cover a number of little known printing techniques throughout the duration of the workshop. These techniques will be applied to Multi-Contrast silver materials that are currently available. The teaching philosophy and goals are to share the hows and whys certain controls work rather than just demonstrating and relying on one’s memory. This approach leads directly into the students having a hands on experience during the second day while the instructor will problem solve for students during their printing sessions. Archival printing and toning methods will be demonstrated during all phases of the wet process. Split contrast printing, print flashing, bleaching, and toning are just a few of the techniques that will be explained and demonstrated. In addition to a 24 page manual given to each student Sherman will draw on numerous side by side printed comparisons used to illustrate his technique. Students are encouraged to bring work of their own, preferably problem negatives and their best effort prints that can be used for teaching and corrective discussions.

    Registration limited to 6 people.

    Complete details at http://vcphoto.org/workshop-split-contrast-printing-w-multi-contrast-silver-papers/