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    me podiz ayudar con informacion?
    can you help me gather Information?

    Mr./Ms. <place last name here>
    Name of Organization

    Dear Mr./Ms. <place last name here>,

    I am a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, California with a strong interest in depicting the artifacts and the daily lives of the Jewish people of Spain, both historical and current day. As such, I am in the preliminary stages of research for a fine art project in which I plan to depict historically and culturally significant sites related to Jewish life throughout Spain.

    To lay the groundwork for this project I am contacting various organizations, foundations, educational institutions, and private individuals who might have particular knowledge, expertise, and interest in my topic. I would greatly appreciate your assistance with my endeavor.

    I am looking for information on Synagogues, Jewish neighborhoods, cemeteries, stores, people and Historical sites.

    My photographs are made using large format cameras and film ( 8 X 10 and 5 X7 Inches).
    The prints are known as contact prints using historical methods.
    I will appreciate whatever information, recommendations you can provide me to
    further this project.
    As a reference I am listing some of the details as to how I make my prints.
    The film is black and white sheets of 8 X 10 and 5 X7 inches.
    A contact prints is made by direct contact with the light sensitized paper.
    The paper is watercolor cotton paper that is coated by hand using noble metals.
    Some of the techniques used are Platinotype, Cyanotype and Kallitype.
    I have shown my work at Local Venues, Santa Fe New Mexico and In ShangHai China.
    All additional Information about me can be found at
    or you can feel free to request additional information


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    where to buy film places to spend a night or two
    Thank you