SOLD!! Zenit Fotosniper Outfit - 300mm f/4.5 Lens with Body, Gunstock, Accessories

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    Sep 4, 2004
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    Attention, comrades! If you have been seized by the urge to fotograph a Kodiak bear at a safe distance, if you are curious to see exactly what is going on in your neighbor's house or if you have just plain lost your mind on account of the lead content in your vodka, then pay heed!! This is the rare and precious Zenit Fotosnaiper 300mm tele outfit. Condition is like new. Includes all accessories and even a case made of a dubious rubberized nylon. The body functions perfectly and includes a 50mm normal lens. Russian technology never looked any finer! And have a look at that serial number: 0100029. Must be one of the early collectible versions for sure. Buyer pays actual shipping from central Massachusetts in the USA, which in fact will be a fair number of rubles due to the impressive bulk. Enjoy!!USD
    Price : 115.00