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    A trifle 'off topic" - I don't suppose Smithsonian could be classified as a "Photographic Magazine", but it is usually of interest to photographers.

    This issue, March 2005, has a brief article about Andre' Kerte'sz; Indelible Images (p.17).

    "His pictures seem familiar because he borrowed others' tricks - rather generations of photographers borrowed his. And still do."
    Later, "in 1997, a picture he made in 1929 - a less that 4 x 4-inch still life of a pipe and eyeglasses belonging to the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian - sold at auction for $376,500, among the highest prices ever paid for a photograph."

    Also, of great interest to me, there is a more extensive article; Modigliani: Misunderstood (p.72).

    "One of the many ironies of Modigliani's career is that so tortured a life could produce so serene a body of work.. His art managed to bridge the stylistic chasm between classical Italian painting and avant-garde Modernism..."

    and ...

    "... Yet conventional art histories barely mention him. His work, it seems, was too hard to pigeonhole within the canon of 20th-century painting."


    "Charles Beadle, an English journalist who contributed to a 1914 biography of Modigliani titled Artist Quarter, had known the artist in Paris around 1913. "Once", Beadle wrote, "I asked him what he called his`manner'. he retorted haughtily; `Modigliani! When an artist has need to stick on a label, he is lost'".

    I Like this magazine!!
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    While not on topic to the possibly off-topic thread...whew!

    The smithsonian website has a ton of really cool scans of old photos.

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    This month has an article about some of the petrogoyphs in Utah. A professor from my alma matta, Utah State, Craig Law has been photographing these for 15 years.

    This site shown in the magazine is also the area that the young man that had to cut off his arm after being trapped by it, freed himself.
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    Karen and I just saw the show at the Smithsonian in Washington the last couple days. Seeing Andre's work in person was both a great pleasure and frustrating. I've spent years looking at his work and loving it not realizing (probably not looking hard enough) it was produced so small. Miniature contacts on silver paper. What a shock! That said it does not diminish his vision. Great stuff! They also have a show based on the personality growth of the photographers for National Geagraphic. Great big Ciba's and B/W prints. Some of the greatest portraits ever taken in my opinion. What a treat.