Sinar Norma 4x5, Gossen lunasix

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    Hello all,

    Recently bought a Sinar P which is arriving today so am letting this go.

    What's available:

    camera $500
    1. Sinar Norma front + TWO back standards (the focus gear got stripped in the middle, was cheaper to buy another standard - I use the stripped one as a compendium shade/etc) two of the standards have all bubble levels intact, the 3rd has some extras if they become necessary.
    2. tapered 4x5 bellows
    3. rail clamp
    4. 4x5 back
    5. short and longer rail (think its a 12" and 18" will check later)

    Lens $250
    1. 210mm Caltar II f5.6 w/sinar lensboard - this was included with the Sinar P I bought, will update condition when I get home and see it tonight.

    1. Square 4x5 bellows $50
    2. Square 4x5 bellows $15 slightly musty, was told it had small pinholes when I bought it, use this as compendium shade
    4. 2 each sinar copal 0 and 1 lensboards $35 each (switching mine to technikas + adapter)

    1. Gossen lunasix (newer black model, sanserif font) with leather case and a rough spot attachment $125 + shipping.

    If you buy EVERYTHING I'll let it all go for $750, and will ship it all in a Japanese aluminum case which allows the whole thing to hang bat style from the rail (however one of the latches got broken off by a baggage handler) - still fine for the back of a car or storage. If these prices are wildly inaccurate send me a link with the better price and your offer.

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