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Silver Magnet Silver Recovery Device

Discussion in 'PHOTRIO Advertisers Forum' started by jnantz, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Jun 21, 2003
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    the biggest problem i have heard about the magnet is buyers not using them on
    fixer that is spent enough and the magnet turns black / sulfury ..
    they used it on fixer that was only used a couple of times, or was "dirty" ... ( not spent )
    there is about 1/4 oz of silver in a gallon of fixer (lots of prints and film processed )
    these magnets seem to work well enough for waste haulers to use as a pre-treatment for their
    giant ion transfer tanks ( i get emails for replacement cells from time to time ) ... not sure
    if they would be buying replacement cells if they didnt' work. the difference is
    a waste hauler has 15 and 50 gallon drums full of spent fixer, not 1L, from time to time.

    the current spot price is in the tank ( $18.85 ) and no idea when it will get out of the tank.
    seeing it will most likely take a long time for hobbyiests to fill a magnet with enough silver to refine,
    it is more of a reduce the silver footprint, don't dump down the drain-thing than a get rich- thing
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