Severe Overdevelopment

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    Aug 7, 2005
    4x5 Format

    Today I was having a go with an 8x10 pinhole camera I just made and some of my exposures were waaaay under. Sooo I decided to overdevelop to the point of fogging to see what I could get out anyway.

    Anyhoo, I ended up forgetting a sheet and leaving it in the dev. When I got it out my dev (PQ) had gone brown, my print (the image never appeared) was a bit blotchy in places, speckly in others and generally a bit yellow. The strangest part was a bluish sheen, and in places a coppery sheen, and in a few spots red!

    I tried this again on a very underexposed enlargement and got similar effects, but with a visible image as well.

    Anyone know what might be happening to the chemistry as this seems really strange stuff! I was using Forte Fortezo G4, since that was what I had. I'll post again tomorrow when I see what they're like dry. I might also try a toner or two...

    One last thing, anyone got a clue what the longevity of such a print might, whether I need to fix more, that sort of thing?

    Cheers, Jonathan