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    Aug 29, 2002
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    Hi all, my head's not very clear right now. If anyone notices something wrong due to the updates please email me at Thanks!

    Here is a complete log of the updates:

    -designed new site header with 2 added menu items, added a new sponsor logo as well for MV Photo Labs. MV Labs is a top-notch lab based in NY. Support APUG by visiting their site and using their services if needed (from what I gather you would not be disappointed).

    -also added the new sponsor logo to the home page and 'about us' corporate sponsor section.
    -updated all page headers with the new image and re-mapped the links.
    -updated our Calumet link, Calumet now has a dedicated APUG Welcome Page (check it out!).
    -changed 'APUG Member of the Week' to 'Featured Member'and updated
    featured member page (new ones on the way).
    -created submission form for future featured members.
    -updated portal links from member of the week to featured member.
    -updated site navigation menu list on main home page.
    -made main logo a hotlink back to the home page.
    -updated apug copyright notice on footer to 2003.
    -fixed a broken link on main link portal page.
    -ensured all sponsors were listed in our link portal, added one.
    -updated chat page with a screenshot of where to access the chatroom, also fixed the IE page header for that page (was incorrectly titled).
    -updated apug greeting on home page (THANKS BRIAN FOR THE EDITS!).
    -added 'click names to contact staff' text on 'about us' page.
    -fixed broken terms of service link on link portal pages.
    -removed 'misc. reciprocal links' section from bottom of apug home page and moved them to the link portal.
    -reformatted and added a new article, added article forum thread and article link and link portal.
    -few other misc things but can't recall.

    See ya