Rembrandt 10" f/4.5 Portrait Lens

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    I have for sale a Burke & James 10" REMBRANDT f/4.5 portrait lens. $550 net to me. Reasonable offers considered. Flange included.

    One of these with a Packard Shutter and lensboard just sold on Ebay for $840 (item #181132490309). That is only the second example I've seen of this lens and I've been getting daily search alerts on this model for several years now trying to get an idea of what it might be worth. I don't see another example listed on the Soft-Focus Lens Value Guide.

    There is some debate as to whether this is actually a modified Petzval design. I've tried to take the lens apart to check, but I have not been able to disassemble it sufficiently to verify. In any event, it is a rarely seen and relatively fast lens intended for portrait work.

    Here's what the Lens Collector's Vade Mecum says about it:





    There are some very light cleaning marks and the rear element has a small flaw (nick?) in it about 1-2mm just off-center. A small amount of dust is present on the inside surface. I doubt any of these minor defects will affect the image quality, especially since this is presumably a soft-focus portrait lens. The barrel also has a few minor blemishes. It's not in mint condition, but pretty good overall. (The flare in the last picture was caused by the digital camera used to take the pics. That lighter area is not a defect in the flange.)

    The aperture goes from the marked f/4.5 through f/32, but it closes 1-2 stops further than marked and looks to be approximately f/128. The 18 blades produce a very nice circular opening.

    Since I have never used this lens and cannot verify that it is a Petzval, it is being sold as-is. However, I'll offer a 7-day return period if you pick up shipping charges both ways. I'll ship insured via USPS medium flat-rate box and estimate the shipping cost one way to be about $21 if insured for $550. USPS money order preferred. Sorry, no Paypal.