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    Large Format Exhibition to Benefit Cancer Services, March 29, 2012

    The Raid Our Gallery Large Format photography exhibition to benefit cancer patients is again scheduled for Thursday March 29th in Middletown, Connecticut.

    You may attend in person for a $25.00 Reception ticket or purchase a Gallery ticket for $150.00 and gain a chance to select photographs donated by notable working Large Format photographers such as Sandy King, Shelby Lee Adams, Bill Scwhab, Kirk Gittings, Ron Rosenstock, Bob Carnie, Ken Lee, Michael Mutmansky, Monty McCutchen, Terry Hayden, Craig Huber, Jim Shanesy, Scott Killian, Shawn Dougherty, Denise Ross, Paul Wainwright, Keith Walklet, Ted Stoddard, as well as the members of The New England Large Format Photography Collective have donated their Large Format works of art. All monies are tax deductible with all proceeds going to the aid of Middlesex Cancer Center surviving patients in care.

    This is a can't miss opportunity to support a terrific cause and gain a pretty impressive Large Format photograph in return. See this link for a preview of the art works available:

    PM me if you would like further information on attending or purchasing a ticket and the exact details on how to support those less fortunate than most.

    Steve Sherman

    I am passing this info along to the APUG community for Steve - gene