Project Basho Newsletter, March '09

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    - Lectures on Japanese Photography by Mika Kobayashi -
    We are hosting a series of lectures on Japanese contemporary photography by Mika Kobayashi starting this Thursday. Ms. Kobayashi, a noted researcher of Japanese photography, will offer three lectures covering the topics and trends in recent Japanese photography from exhibitions to photography books. These will be great occasions to learn what is going on photographically on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. The lectures are open to the public. Admission is $10 for the general public and $5 for members and students.

    March 26th, 7 p.m.
    Discussion of the photo exhibition, "Comical and Cynical," by emerging Japanese and Korean photographers which was held in a public pool in 2007

    March 31st, 7 p.m.
    Discussion of the exhibition, "Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan," which was shown at International Center of Photography in 2008

    April 3rd, 7 p.m.
    Discussion of trends in photography books by Japanese photographers

    - Project Basho Showcased on WHYY -
    Project Basho is featured on Experience, WHYY's web-based program on Arts & Culture in the Delaware Valley. Comprised of interviews with volunteers and students, this two minute clip shows the essence of Project Basho: a place where people interested in photography can meet and excel.

    You can see other media coverage of Project Basho in the About section of our website.

    - Takashi Arai's Daguerreotype Lecture & Demo Well Received -

    The daguerreotype lecture and demonstration by Takashi Arai were both very well attended by enthusiastic participants. Mr. Arai's slideshow highlighted his older street photography and transitioned to his current daguerreotype portrait work. During the demonstration, he also made a daguerreotype of all the participants. You can view this image on our Flickr site.

    This fall, Philadelphia will be the host city for a series of Daguerreotype events. Takashi Arai will be back then for the contemporary daguerreotype exhibition we are coordinating. He will also be involved with the Daguerreian Society Symposium and will participate in other related events.

    -Featured Photographers at Project Basho-

    This month, Kerik Kouklis is our Featured Photographer at Basho. Diana Bloomfield, another photographer who teachers at Project Basho, has done an extenstive and in-depth interview with Kerik Kouklis about his relationship to the process as well as his creative process.

    Kerik Kouklis will be visiting our studio this weekend for a wetplate collodion workshop. This is a rare occasion to learn this process, so take advantage of it while you can. There are only a few more openings in the workshop. Please contact us for more details.

    - Project Basho Flickr Site Up -
    We have started uploading images of our events including workshops, demonstrations, opening receptions, and field trips to our Flickr site. Now you can also experience events at our studio.

    If you have related pictures of our events, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to upload them on our site and credit your images.

    - Volunteers Wanted -
    Project Basho is a small organization with big ideas and many plans. Volunteers are an important part of our organization, and help make a lot of our programs possible.

    Presently, we are in need of volunteers for darkroom monitoring, marketing, research and implementation for specific projects. If you are interested in getting involved in our programs, please contact us at with your resume or a list of relevant experiences.

    We are hoping to launch some new projects soon, many of which have important implications with art education for the next generation and for photography in Philadelphia.

    - Upcoming Events at Basho -
    Lectures on Contemporary Japanese Photography by Mika Kobayashi

    March 26th: Comical and Cynical
    March 31st: Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan
    April 3rd: Trends in Japanese Photography Books

    Admission: $10 per session for General Public/$5 for Members & Students

    - Upcoming Classes & Workshops-
    Wet Plate Collodion (Saturday & Sunday, March 28 & 29)
    - Wet plate collodion is one of the earliest photographic processes, has been experiencing a resurgence of interest in recent years. In this workshop, you will learn how to create wet plate positive images (Tintype and Ambrotype) as well as wet plate negatives.

    Learning Your Digital SLR (March 31 - April 14)

    - This class will show you how to take advantage of the most modern sophisticated cameras for your creative needs. (April 3 - 24)

    - This four-week class is for those who want to make color prints in the darkroom from your own negatives. This class will help you to become familiar with color theory and color correction, so you may gain a basic understanding of color printing.

    Introduction to Mac (Saturday, April 4th)
    - This short and concise class will introduce you to Macintosh computers in a friendly manner. Upon completion of the class, students will be ready for more powerful software and applications for their creative exploration.

    Nude: Light & Form (Saturday & Sunday, April 4 & 5)
    - This workshop is designed to create an heightened awareness for form, light, and an appreciation of the human figure.

    Making Large Negatives with Large Cameras (Saturday & Sunday, April 25 & 26)

    - In this hands-on two day workshop, students will work with large and ultra-large format cameras to experience the making of large negatives and learn the advantages of different formats. A variety of format sizes including 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 7x17 will be offered for students to try out different sizes of cameras and create negatives with them.

    Pinhole Photography (Saturday & Sunday, April 25 & 24)
    - With a variety of materials such as wood, metal, foam core and found objects, participants will construct and then photograph with their own pinhole camera creations. Using film and photographic paper we will generate large format negatives and consider ways to interpret them in print form.

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