Project Basho Newsletter February '08, Collotype Exhibition

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    Time: Exhibition of Contemporary Collotype, March 14 – April 27

    In collaboration with FOTOSPHERE in NY and Benrido in Kyoto Japan, we are excited to announce the upcoming exhibition "Time: Exhibition of contemporary collotype prints." The show will open with a reception on Thursday, March 14 as a part of 2nd Thursday Openings in the area. The reception will be open to the public from 6 to 9 pm. The exhibition will run through April 27th.

    The exhibition demonstrates the intricacy and sensibility of the process. The participating photographers include:

    Emmet Gowin
    Eikoh Hosoe
    Graciela Iturbide
    Koichiro Kurita
    John Pfahl
    Ryuji Taira
    George Tice
    Arthur Tress
    For more information, please visit the accompanying site which introduces the details of the process.

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    Night for Emerging Photographers

    As seen in the example of ONWARD, a competition to highlight the work of emerging photographers, we are interested in creating outlets for emerging artists and their work. Our new program, "Night for Emerging Photographers" which begins in May is a part of our continuing efforts. We will invite two photographers to present their work at each occasion. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to talk about their work. Dialogue about the work between the audience and the presenter will be encouraged.

    We are now accepting applications for the "Night for Emerging Photographers" online. Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Photographers who have a body of work or who are working toward a body of work should apply. Once selected, we will contact you with more detailed information.

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    Large Format Camera Rentals at Project Basho

    Project Basho has been active in promoting large format photography with programs such as an introductory workshop on large format photography and a darkroom space capable of printing up to 8x10 negatives. This spring, we will offer more large format photography related services. Additionally, we are now offering rental equipment of large format cameras. Now you can rent a 4x5 and 8x10 camera kit at a resonable price. This will be a great package for those who are curious about large format photography, but not yet committed to the initial investment.

    Each kit includes a camera, a lens, 3 film holders, and a darkcloth. All you will need is sheet film, a light meter, and your willingness to work with the camera. The weekly rate is $125 for 4x5 kit and $175 for 8x10 kit. Other accesories will also be available at an additional cost.

    For details and terms on large format camera rentals, please contact us.

    Movie Night Starting in April

    As we promised in the fall, we will be starting movie nights this spring. We are in the final stage of setting up the studio. We will update our website with the date and title of the screening in April as we finalize it.

    At this event, a photography related movie will be screened at our gallery every other month. Through the program we are hoping to stimulate a dialogue about the medium of photography.

    Movie screenings are open to public and free of charge. If you have sugggestions for great movie titles, please contact us

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    Accepting Applications for Monitors and Volunteers

    Project Basho is seeking a few volunteers to maintain our facility right now. Our facility is run by several volunteers, and you will be part of our team to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and practicing photography at the studio. As an exchange, you will be able to take advantage of our resources such as taking classes and workshops at a discounted rate and using the faicility and equipment.

    Interested individuals should have a thorough understanding of darkroom practices and the chemistry involved. For more information, please visit our opportunities page.

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    Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Introduction to B&W Darkroom: Four-week class, March 20 - April 10
    If you have a pile of B&W negatives and have ever wondered what it would be like to make B&W photographs with your own hands instead of sending them to a photo store then this is the class for you.

    Portfolio Making: One-weekend workshop Saturday & Sunday, March 8 & 9
    In this workshop you will learn how to make a 11x14x1 lipped clamshell portfolio box. These portfolios are made to archival standards, are one of a kind, and ideal for that special presentation of your work.

    Making Large Negatives with Large Cameras: One-weekend workshop, March 15 & 16
    In this hands-on two day workshop, students will work with large and ultra-large format cameras to experience the making of large negatives and learn the advantages of formats.

    Creating a Photographer's Artist Book: Two-weekend workshop, March 15 & 29
    Photographers will learn how to use their photographs and other photo-based media to create compelling visual narratives in the form of hand-bound, limited-edition artist books.

    Nude: Light and Form: One-weekend workshop, March 22 & 23
    This workshop is designed to create an heightened awareness for form, light, and an appreciation of the human figure.

    Form and Content: Two-weekend workshop, March 29 & 30, April 26 & 27
    In this two weekend workshop, participants will attempt to view their work in light of the fine balance between form and content.

    Introduction to Color Printing: Four-week class, April 8 - April 29
    This four-week class is for those who want to make color prints from your own negatives. This class will help you to become familiar with color theory and color correction, thus gaining a basic understand of color printing.

    Seeing Beyond the Literal: Two-weekend workshop, April 12, 13, 19 & 20
    In this workshop, we will focus on ways to help you move your photographs beyond the literal--the mere documentation of the outer world- and into the realm of personal vision and expression. We will explore ways to help you transform ordinary ways of documenting and taking photographs, to creating images that are more interpretive for both you and the viewer.

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