Price Check: Heidelberg Chromagraph S3400 - Sydney

Discussion in 'Australia' started by jars121, Dec 6, 2013.

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    Sep 3, 2011
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    G'day APUGers,

    I've been entertaining the idea of moving on my Chromagraph drum scanner of late. I'm in no rush to sell, but if there's a professional or serious enthusiast out there that could make better use of it, I'd definitely consider it :smile:

    The Chromagraph is in superb mechanical/operational and aesthetic condition. I had it serviced by an ex-Heidelberg technician last year, and it has had less than 50 scans through it since then.

    The system includes the following:

    • Heidelberg Chromagraph S3400 Drum Scanner
    • Mounting Station
    • 1 Small Drum
    • 3 Medium Drums
    • 2 Large Drums
    • PowerMac G4 with OS9 and Linocolor 6 installed
    • Drum mounting fluid
    • Drum cleaner fluid
    • Other consumables (acetate sheets, Kimtech wipes etc)

    The drums are all in good condition, no noticeable crazing or wear that will affect the scan. The two large drums are currently fitted with black cardboard on the inside for reflective scanning.

    Given the rarity of this machine (especially in this condition) in Australia, it's hard to put a definitive value on it. I have an idea as to what I'd expect from this machine, given previous sales of Heidelberg scanners over the last few years, but I'm hoping that the more experienced APUGers here would be able to offer some input!