Press Release – CD/DVD Rot Prevention Product at Frame Destination, Inc.

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    Prevent CD/DVD Rot/Corrosion/Bronzing with New Archival Products Available at Frame Destination. Inc.

    August 10, 2007 – Dallas, TX – Frame Destination, Inc is carrying a new line of CD/DVD archival storage products that prevent CD/DVD Corrosion and Rot with technology developed by Lucent Bell Labs. Corrosion Intercept® Technology extends the life of compact discs from 40-120 years according to testing done by Bell Labs. ArchivalWare® CD/DVD storage products manufactured by University Product, Inc. help protect them from the four primary mechanisms causing data loss: Ozone (oxidation of the Aluminum reflective layer), UV Light, Biological damage (fungus and bacterial growth), and ESD (electrostatic discharge), thereby providing the best prevention of disc rot available today.

    Corrosion Intercept® is a patented, revolutionary technology that uses semi-conductor technology to transform plastic into a protective reactive barrier against corrosive gases, bacteria and fungus. It's comprised of highly reactive copper particles bonded into a polymer matrix. This matrix forms a preferential corrosion site that reacts and neutralizes all corrosive gases that pass through or come in contact with the film.

    Reactive oxygen and Ozone causes the aluminum layer on the CD/DVD to break down. When aluminum in a thin film oxidizes it becomes clear and unable to reflect the laser pulse attempting to read the disc. ArchivalWare® and Corrosion Intercept® protects against this failure. The permanent neutralization of corrosive gasses also prevents fungus and bacterial growth. The unique designs of the ArchivalWare® CD Preservers allow full visibility of the face of the CD/DVD while protecting the data side of the disc. The clear film which is UV protected will not lift images from the face of laser or inkjet produced labels.

    This unique and convenient storage system assures you the maximum protection technology currently offers. Jewel inserts help protect CD/DVD’s from the out gassing of the CD Jewel case itself. ArchivalWare® 8-CD Page Storage Pages and Albums featuring slipcases allow manufacturer recommended vertical storage with additional light/dust protection. You can find more information on these products by visiting:

    Frame Destination caters to digital photographers providing archival storage products to protect everything from digital images on CD/DVDs to final photographic prints for storage in boxes to display in museum quality picture frames. For photo and digital prints we offer print sleeves, clear bags, and storage boxes for protection, storage and scrapbooking of photo prints. We also specialize in museum quality archival picture frames for fine-art photography in standard and digital sizes such as 8.5x11, 8x12, 13x19, 11x17, 16x24, and soon 17x25. We offer acid-free framing components such as mats, mount board, glass, acrylic, Plexiglas and mounting supplies like Lineco hinging tape and photo frame corners.

    For information: Log onto; email: info @ or call toll-free 1-877-5FRAMES.

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