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    I am curious with the availability of a black and white positive paper which allows you to shoot in camera or expose slides to produce a positive print why wasn't an Ra-4 (colour) equivalent to this black and white technology ever produced? I have worked with R-3 and Ilfochrome, I am also very experienced in reversing RA-4 materials. So Im curious did any of the Paper makers experiment with designing an Ra-4 Positive to Positive paper? I certainly know a system for positives via the c-41 process was experimented with for film but failed due to grain, sharpness and colour issues. so if anyone knows weather such ideas were ever played with in Ra-4 paper product development ide love to know.
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    With your hint at those b&w papers you seem to aim at direct-reversal emulsions.

    Such were only used in colour processes in the Kodak Instant Color Film and the Kodak Ektaflex PCT reversal film. But these were in addition dye diffusion processes, thus way off the RA-4 process you are inquiring about.
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