Polysufide Toner

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    Has any one tried the following formula? I copied it directly out of the 1949 Photo-Lab Index

    Polysulfide Toner
    1949 Photo-Lab-Index No 6-T-237
    Toning Kodak T-8
    for Sepia tones

    The following single solution toning bath is recommended for use on all Kodak papers except Kodalure, Kodabromide, and Royalbromide. It produces slightly darker sepia tones than the redevelopment-sulfide toner, T-7a, and has the advantage, compared to the Hypo alum toners, that it tone at a much shorter time and does not require heating although raising the temperature to 100F reduces the time of toning from 15to 3 minutes.

    Water 24 ounces (750.0 cc)
    Kodak Polysulfide (Liver of Soda) ¼ ounce (7.5 grams)
    Kodak Sodium Carbonate, desiccated 29 grains (2.0 grams)
    Water to make 32 ounces (1.0 liter)
    Dissolve chemicals in order given.

    Immerse the well washed black and white print for 15 to 30 minutes and agitate in the Kodak T-8 bath at 68F (20C) or for 3 to 4 minutes at 100F (38C).

    Approximate life of toning bath is about 150 8x10 prints or equivalent. Per gallon. When the bath begins to be cloudy, the life can be extended by the add of the same quantity of carbonate as in the formula.

    After toning if any sediment appears on the print, the surface should be wiped with a soft sponge and the print then washed for at least 30 minutes before drying.

    I have bought the chemicals from Photographers Formulary and hope to give it a try this weekend. I like the sepia tones from the redevelopement toner but want it a darker brown. I’ll report back.