Polaroid HR6000 Digital Palette - looking for info

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    Jun 7, 2010
    I'm probably pushing the boundaries of "on topic" for APUG, but I figure this is worth a try :smile:

    A while ago, I picked up a Polaroid HR-6000 "Digital Palette" film recorder. This is basically a CRT display with a SCSI interface, framebuffer and controller board. Essentially, it exposes an image onto 35mm film, line by line.

    I've managed to track down a copy of the RasterPlus software, which rather predictably has issues on modern PCs. I'd like to get this working on a newer PC, even if I have to write the software myself...
    Problem is, to do this properly I need the documentation and software which came in the "Polaroid Digital Palette Interface Toolkit" -- from what I can gather, this was distributed to developers by Polaroid, and could be obtained simply by calling and asking for a copy.

    Given Polaroid's turbulent history, I doubt I'd find anyone there who knows a thing about this beast. Does anyone here happen to have a copy of this software, or perhaps know someone (perhaps a former Polaroid engineer) who might?

    I'm also after a copy of the "Gentest" software, which is used to test and calibrate the film recorder after a repair operation.

    I've been told that a gentleman called David Hemingway was part of the development team and later handled customer service for Polaroid, although I've been unable to find contact details for him. I've also been given the name Simon Pinder-Hales, who apparently handled sales for these machines -- beyond that, I have no further leads :-(

    If anyone's interested in my project -- I've set up a page for it here: http://www.philpem.me.uk/code/filmrec/ (I'll be updating this as my little project progresses)