plant press for drying fb prints flat?

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    I have been mostly wet printing on RC prints. I decided to give FB prints a try last night. Printing session was fun. However, the long washing routine and setting them up for drying late night was a chore. And then (not that I was unprepared) after watching them dry like potato chips this morning, I decided to read the sticky thread on this forum on drying FB prints from top to bottom. :blink:

    I seem to like dancqu's idea of slow drying them between stacks of corrugated ventilator sheets.

    In that line of thought, has anyone tried some off-the-shelf plant dryers like these to dry and flatten FB prints?

    3115-001-Standard-Plant-Press-w-sliding-buckles.jpg 3115-002-Plant Press Component parts.jpg

    They seem to come with a stack of corrugated ventilator and blotter boards in addition to platens and straps with turnbuckles to put pressure on the platens. I saw several online biological supply and plant supply stores selling them. The 12"x18" size is ideal for me as it can fit two 8x10's or one 11x14 per interleaved board. If needed one can insert some polyester interface sheet (like Pellon) in between the boards for extra protection against the emulsion.

    Any experience or thoughts?
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