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    Apr 7, 2003
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    Hello, APUG'ers.

    In 1999 a bunch of people on the LUG (LeicaUserGroup) lead my mr. Kyle Cassidy started a Picture A Week thing to encourage and challenge themselves to actually take real pictures with their precious Leica gems... this thing has rolled on and are by now quite big on varius forums on the InterNet. http://www.asc.upenn.edu/usr/cassidy/pix/paw/index.html

    I am participating for the second year now. My PAW2002 is published here: http://www.henning-jansen.com/portfolios/PAW2003/ and the current year is right here: http://www.henning-jansen.com/portfolios/PAW2003/

    Floating around on various websites are different lists with other PAWers as well. I am not sure how many we are by now, I have bookmarked a list of some 50 photogs or so which I follow. WARNING: there are NO crap-warranty implied... some of the sites can certainly be described as amateurish regarding both contents and images. But if you look close there are several really good sites around...

    Some of my favourites:
    Wade Heninger : http://www.heninger.org/gallery/bestof2002/index.htm
    Jerome Santini: http://www.santini.org/jerome/

    Every week most of us PAW'ers post our submission on one of the many lists... I usually stay on www.topica.com in the PAW list. And now I a considering posting my weekly submission right here - if no one objects to it?

    The PAW keeps me alive from time to time (photographically speaking). It helps me focus on pictures, shoting, processing and printing on a regular schedule. My PAWs are all printed fullframe 6x8 inches on Agfa MCC118 8x10 inch fiber paper, and put away in boxes. The scanned prints I share with rest of the world, the prints themselves I hope to exhibit one of these days. My big dream is to have an ongoing exhibition troughout the year, adding one more image every week. That might never happen, but if it ever did... WOW ;-)

    Take a look and tell me what you think!