Photography without ccd or emulsion

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    Oct 29, 2006
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    I am thinking on a camera that will work without ccd or emulsion needed. I am thinking in the same way of photocopier. When the light ray hit to a surface , it changes it with removing electrons. I am thinking a paper roll which will be placed behind of a lens focus and this paper would record the image as a photocopier paper records the image in the copier. Than a sensor strip will read the surface and send to the memory.

    This sensor could be built like an electric guitar magnetic and recorder get the message from two end of the magnetic. When the data reach to the computer , difference of the two sources will make the picture

    Paper or plastic will rotate between two rolls infinetely like a band.

    If you want a instant photograph , camera can coat the paper with a carbon powder and heat it and release from one end.

    This is the same technology of xerox but I did not see if someone used as camera or digital sensor.

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