Photo Lab Index: Up-to-date to 1993. Supplements 1961-1993

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    Photo Lab Index Lifetime Edition.
    The Photo Lab Index is the standard reference for photochemists since 1939. I know that from the 1960 through 1993 the publisher quarterly (in later year, annually) mailed out update pages that were inserted in a five-inch 4-ring spiral binder. This copy is up-to-date to Supplements 87 to 195 1993. It takes diligence by the owner to update the book.
    It is rare to find an up-to-date copy. This copy is up-to-date to 1993!!!!! I think this is about the time that they stopped publishing updates. Morgan and Morgan went out of business.

    By my calculations it is about 2,000 pages.

    It contains sections by manufacturer: Agfa, Dupont, Kodak, Fuji, GAF, Ilford, 3M, Polaroid, misc. manufacturers. Sections by topic: Optics and Filter, Lighting/exposure, Enlarging, Misc. (weights, measurers conversions).
    The Kodak section ©1992 is a few hundred pages of data on B&W Film, B&W Processing Chemicals, Color Chemicals, color film, color paper. Multiple pages on each product. Contains data on 1992 films and many earlier films.
    Similar data for the other manufacturers circa 1993.

    Lots and lots of data. There is nothing comparable to the Photo Lab Index. Data, data, data. their data is reliable. They are very careful.

    In excellent condition. Weighs over 5 pounds.

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