Panolux and Noblex cameras

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    I am reasonably new to panoramic photography, and just acquired a Panolux to go with my Noblex 6/150E. So far, I have two questions for the forum. First, are there particular conditions when either incident/reflective metering might be favored over the alternate technique? The manual is quite vague on which method to choose. Secondly, my camera does not have slow shutter speeds available. Will the Panolux give me a shutter speed that I can use to compute multiple exposures in order to reach a speed lower than the shutter can produce? How will the Panolux handle the multiple exposure situation?
    Any and all help, advice, and scorn will be appreciated.
    Please excuse this duplicate posting, also on RFF, I am just trying to increase my exposure, if you'll pardon the expression.
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    Hi LJS - congrats on your Noblex 150. I've looked at that camera and have almost bought it a few times but I just don't do enough panoramics to justify the purchase!

    I can answer your first question to an extent - basically if your subject is not far away you can use either incident or reflective. With reflective of course you have to remember that your camera is telling you the exposure is middle gray, whereas with incident, it measures the light falling on the subject. But for objects/scenes that are far away, it would be more difficult (if not impossible) to use incident meters imo. In that case you're better off using reflective metering.