Overlapping frames on an MPP Roll Film Holder

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    Dear fellow travellers,

    I have an MPP 4x5 camera, which I generally use with 4x5 DDS. However, I recently purchased a second hand MPP 120 (6x9) roll film holder. When I loaded the film, I ensured the arrow aligned with the mark, replaced the film cassette, closed the back and wound on until the winder clunked into position and frame No. 1 showed in the frame number window. For those not familiar with the MPP roll film holder, it is not possible to wind on until you press the release button, after each exposure, which allows you to wind onto the next frame. I repeated this until the film was finished. At this stage, after frame 8, it is possible to finish winding on until the remaining film and the backing paper is wound onto the take-up spool ready for removal and processing. At all times, the winding felt positive and I had no concerns. Generally the equipment is in excellent condition. It appears solid and mechanically sound and positive. However, there is no spacing between the frames! Any ideas what is going wrong?

    BTW, I trained on MPP cameras as a student photographer back in the late 1970s and I have used the roll film holders before, so I am not unfamiliar with them. However, it is the first time I have used this holder.

    Many thanks,