Orwocolor 5168 process & formulae

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    The formulae are from quite old book using old polish chemical substance names and in some cases it wasn't easy to look up as most resources on the web use new names. I used mainly wikipedia as source for translation of the names. I think I double checked but please read carefully.

    The process is for Orwocolor NC21 but the book I have states it is also ok for older NC19.

    Process 5168
    Color develop (C14) 6-8min 24C +-0.25
    Stop (C37) 2-5min 20-24C
    Wash 4min 21-24
    Bleach (C55) 4min 22-24C
    Wash 4min 21-24
    Fix (C71) 5min 22-24
    Wash 8min 21-24
    Wetting (F905 1+200) 0.5min 20-24
    Dry max. 40C

    Process 5168/1
    Color develop (C14) 8-10min 21C +-0.25
    Stop (C37) 2-5min 20-24C
    Wash 2-5min 20-24
    Bleach (C55) 5min 20-24C
    Wash 5min 12-21
    Fix (C71) 5min 20-22
    Wash 15min 12-21
    Wetting (F905 1+200) 0.5min 20-24
    Dry max. 40C

    Times are given for constant agitation.

    Steps from both variations of process can be combined.

    I haven't found formulae for F905 and I do not know if it is just wetting agent or if process needs formaldehyde stab.

    Color Developer C14

    Water 20-30C 750ml
    Sodium hexametaphosphate 5g
    Hydroxylamine sulphate 0.8g
    CD-1 1.7g
    Sodium sulphite (anhydrous) 1.2g
    Sodium pyrophosphate 14g
    Trisodium phosphate (12 H20) 11g
    Potassium bromide 0.9g
    Potassium iodide 0.1% 5ml
    pH 11-11.2

    Stop C37
    Sodium acetate 15g
    Acetic acid ("concentrated") 25ml
    Water to 1000ml

    Bleach C55
    Potassium ferricyanide 40g
    Potassium bromide 15g
    Monopotassium phosphate 25g
    Water to 1000ml
    pH 5.2 +-0.2

    Fixer C71
    Sodium thiosulfate (crystals) 200g
    Water to 1000ml
    pH 7 +-0.5
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    I know it's an old thread I'm bumping, but I would just like to say thank you, as I've been looking for this specific recipe for some NC19.

    Also I assume the developer is to be watered to 1000mL?