Optimising development procedure

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    As I develop film at 1:1 in D76, can I suggest the following method of development? I
    would be interested to hear from others with their own method that may prove

    The method I use is one I picked up some years ago and assuming
    You’re using tap water as part of your developing solution and not distilled or
    Deionized water, this method is fairly easy.

    To make a 1:1developing solution for one 35mm film, you will need 150ml of water
    mixed with 150ml of developer = 300ml (I know it says 290ml on the tank, but 300ml
    and its division by ½ to 150ml is easier to remember). This mixture of developer and
    water should ideally be at a temperature of 68F/20C.

    Pour 150ml of developer into a measuring jug and measure its temperature. If it is
    under or over 68F/20C, make a separate jug of water to compensate for the difference. Example – if the developer temperature is 18C, make the water to 22C, before adding 150ml of water to the developer. To get the water at the required temperature, put a thermometer in the empty jug and add hot and cold, either from two separate taps or a mixer taps. Don’t worry about the quantity as you can let the excess flow over the edge, just concentrate on getting the temperature differential you require. Then pour out the excess to leave 150ml and add to the developer in the separate jug.

    Thus, you have 300ml of developing solution at 68F/20C
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    Ok but keep also in mind that your tank/reel/film might not be at 68F/20C. where I develop, room temperature is somewhat higher. So I try to compensate by mixing at a lower temperature, 65F most of the time.
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    this is the way i do it.