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Discussion in 'Workshops & Lectures' started by ParkerSmithPhoto, Apr 28, 2014.

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    My wife and I have been discussing the idea of doing an online analog workshop that would provide information on everything from setting up a darkroom (space, equipment, etc) to film processing, silver printing, even scanning and digital printing. There is obviously a lot of information available on this web site as well as others, but one of the problems for people is that it can be a bit overwhelming, and often contradictory. This would be a curated resource, with a filter. Early articles would be targeted towards beginners and then advancing steadily on to more complicated subjects.

    I know there is a very large analog community out there, and it seems to grow every day, so would this be something that you would find useful? Do you think others would find it useful?

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Marketed correctly, SEO optimized, it would be very useful to some people, I think. The key would be getting the people who woud find it useful connected with the workshop. Would you be wanting to make it a pay site? I hope not because that would limit participation.

    There is a very active community out there called the Film Shooters Collective, full of mostly younger people new to analog photography. It has a Facebook community as well, which might be a good place to gauge interest on your site idea as a whole, as well as specific lessons to be covered in it.

    I'm all for anything that grows popularity of analog processes.